Fictional chilling

Winter has finally arrived in my corner of Australia. I know that 'cold' in Brisbane doesn't rate, but I am feeling it. The day was overcast and rainy, to boot. I have a jacket on, a cup of tea on my desk (well, on the ironing board I misuse as a desk), and slippers on … Continue reading Fictional chilling

Facebook Challenge: Favourites

The other week I participated in a Facebook challenge, to post the cover of a book I love every day, for seven days, without context. Not being able to explain why I love them was VERY hard, so here is my context. Day 1 - The Farthest-Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks This is one … Continue reading Facebook Challenge: Favourites

Review: ‘The Ten Thousand Doors of January’

'The Ten Thousand Doors of January' by Alix E Harrow Fantasy Synopsis EVERY STORY OPENS A DOOR In a house filled with exotic treasures, January Scaller feels all too similar to the artefacts that decorate the shelves: a treasured object, carefully maintained yet utterly out of place. Largely ignored by her guardian, she spends her … Continue reading Review: ‘The Ten Thousand Doors of January’