To the Victor, the Spoils

Now that I am recovered from Christmas (well, sort of) I can enjoy the books it brought me. First of all, I must say that I received THIS:


Is it not glorious? While I’ve never quite got into manga, I am a Sherlock fan. Was VERY thrilled. May have cackled. It’s essentially the screenplay in manga form, and I enjoyed perhaps a little too much.

Sherlock aside, I treated myself to the following:

Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge – I picked up the sequel, Twilight Robbery, at the last Lifeline Bookfest, and it was enormous fun. I’m prepared to enjoy this just as fully: a quirky and fantastical adventure, with added murder, and of course Saracen the angry goose.

The Cat with the Coloured Tail by Gillian Mears, ill. Dinalie Dabarera – I stumbled across this gorgeous little hardcover at work. It’s an illustrated, fable-like tale about love and healing, featuring a magic cat. Also icecream. Everything I need right now.

The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – As I mentioned in my post of the other week, this one’s going on the backburner until I’ve reread the series. I wasn’t altogether content with the second instalment; Kelsea’s development took (I thought) an odd turn and I just didn’t engage with the pre-Crossing storyline. I loved Queen of the Tearling very much, so fingers crossed for my reread and for Book 3.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake – I’ve read some properly mixed reviews on this one, but see triplets so infrequently in fiction that I couldn’t pass it by. Three princess sisters, each with a magical ability, fighting for the crown. May review, depending on how strongly I feel afterwards. [Later note: I ADORED this book.]

Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue by Judith Rossell – The sequel to Withering-by-Sea, which was the first book that I reviewed on this blog. In summary: an adorable fantasy with a streak of mystery, which left me with VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. The ink is green this time, and while a quick flip through has suggested a lack of cats, there does appear to be at least one ferret.

These should keep me occupied for the moment. Am taking suggestions for which to read first.

Oh! And Happy New Year to you all. Am reading everyone’s TBR lists with great interest.




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