The Great Treasure-Hunt

The Lifeline Bookfest came to town this week (only the world’s biggest second-hand book sale), so of course I went, and of course I bought books, even though I have a great many unread at home. I usually limit my second-hand book purchases, but was in an acquisitive mood, and in the company of an acquisitive friend. So I relaxed my rule and adopted the following:

A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill – A customer of mine ordered some of the later books in the Rowland Sinclair series a few months back. I was very taken with the covers, and intrigued by the 1930s gentleman artist-cum- amateur-detective. When I spotted the first book, I had to have it. If Sinclair is even faintly Sherlockian, I will be very happy.


Half the World by Joe Abercrombie – I read Half a King a year back and loved the Viking-infused fantasy, with its brutal politicking and satisfying circular structure. Yarvi may only be a minor character this time, but no matter. I am keen for more.

Rosie Little’s Cautionary Tales for Girls by Danielle Wood – This was my wildcard pick (thank-you, BFF). I’m always keen on fairytale retellings, and had a giggle over a couple of paragraphs. My impression was primarily of snark. My favourite!

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart – ‘We Were Liars’ blew my mind, so I’ve had my eye on this for a while. Am hoping for a less traumatic ending, though.

Adoptions aside, I attend Bookfest for the nostalgia, which hit me very hard this time, with sightings of The Royal Diaries series. Did anyone else read these? I collected them  from about age nine, from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette, to Jahanara and Kaiulani. Although my favourite, as I now recall, was Eleanor of Aquitaine. Ah, memories.

Has anyone else been to Bookfest? Thoughts on second-hand books?


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