Finishing What I’ve Started

I decided last week that my backlist of unfinished series is getting out of hand. I love a good series, but I’m finding it increasingly hard to commit to them – I’m the type of reader who likes to finish what I start, but also distractable… Consequently, I have series (not even long ones) that I’ve been reading for YEARS.

Therefore, I have made myself a rule: before I begin any new series, I will finish the ones I already have on the go. This means I must work my way through:

Area X series by John van der Meer – started 2016 – I picked up Annihilation on the recommendation of a friend whose taste I admire very much. The book was odd and eerie and not my usual thing, but having sat on it for a bit over a year now I think I’m ready to continue. There’s also a movie adaptation due, which at the very least demands a reread.


Eon series by Allison Goodman – started 2008 – I started this series when I was still in school, almost a decade ago (eep!). To be fair, I don’t think the sequel had been released, and I guess I lost track of it. However, I recovered the first book while writing my dragon post the other week, and put the duology straight back on my TBR pile.

Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie – started 2014 – I read Ancillary Justice with my book club shortly after it won every major science fiction award around, and was not disappointed. I acquired the second instalment the following Christmas, but forgot the final one last year (too many other good books!). I’ll probably need to revisit the trilogy in full, to refresh my memory and reimmerse myself in Breq’s world/s.

Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan – started 2017 – This is my most recent series, but it IS five books long so I expect it to be the most demanding. Fortunately I’ve only just finished the first, A Natural History of Dragons, so I won’t need to embark on any lengthy rereads. If I’m organised, I should be able to pace my reading so that I can dive straight into the final instalment when the Australian paperback is released in August.

A Natural History of Dragons

Newsflesh series by Mira Grant – started 2017 – Feed was a lot of fun, and once I get my hands on the rest of the trilogy I think I’ll be done VERY swiftly. I’m keen to see how the series unfolds after the surprises of ‘Feed’s finale.

Temeraire series by Naomi Novik – started 2016 – I am SO close to finishing this. I’ve recently ordered book 8 of 9 AND I’ve also discovered there will be a short story collection out September-ish, which will include a ‘Pride and Prejudice’-inspired tale. Be still, my beating heart! Temeraire has been my biggest bookish commitment of recent years; of all the series on my list, I think completing this will be the most satisfying.

There may be one or two other series that I’ve left off this list, but these will keep me occupied for long enough!

How do you fare with your series?



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